It is the most integral component in the periphery of learning. DOON WORLD PUBLIC SCHOOL aims to offer the best of facilities to its students and teachers augmented in the process of transfer of learning.

Obviously at DOON WORLD PUBLIC SCHOOL promotes the learning of scientific concept through hands on experience by doing real time experiment in the laboratories. It is also observed that the school science lab equipment and self experimentation makes teaching and learning easy both for the teachers, as well as for the student.

The curriculum at DOON WORLD PUBLIC SCHOOL is tailored in such a way that it encourages students to approach the subject. Subject without fear and phobia.

“There is no friend as LOYAL AS A BOOK adhering to these famous lines, DOON WORLD PUBLIC SCHOOL constantly encourages and help student to develop the habit of reading books on a regular basis. To indicate the habit of reading book Silently, learning new words and to Develop concentration …. DOON’S library is well structured with books.

Doon’s library is vigilantly selected With books suited to the interest levels and aptitude of students of various age group. To keep the students upgraded with the present scenario, we included in our library various newspaper, magazines & periodicals. The teachers also can enrich their teaching through the separate section of variety of reference books. Obviously DOON’S WORLD PUBLIC SCHOOL library is well equipped to fulfill the needs of student and teacher.

DOON WORLD PUBLIC SCHOOL is well structured with computer laboratories armed with multi –set consoles with the most appropriate student – computer ratio. DOON WORLD PUBLIC SCHOOL has introduce NIIT CERTIFICATION COURSE embedded with highly qualified NIIT staff from Bengaluru to inculcate computer skills in students to provide exposure to new ways of thinking and for the development of sound logical thought process. Our aim to introduce NIIT certification course is to guide our student to utilize technology effectively.

Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the Universe, wings to the mind, flight to the Imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything. Indeed music helps the students to convey specific moods which is a strong outlet to revel their feelings and emotion. For this, DOON has implanted a well equipped music room as the admiration of music enhances the child’s understanding of their subject content and contributes signification to their individual growth. In order to inculcate this essence and lasting love for Music, DOON WORLD PUBLIC SCHOOL has introduced vocal as well as instrumental (various instrument) music.

DOON provides fleet of buses for its students and staff. All buses receives and drops the students and teachers to predefined stops across different routes. keeping in view, the safety of our student & staff, it has the speed governance and strict camera surveillance.

DOON WORLD PUBLIC SCHOOL recognizes sports as the biggest asset for sculpting the life’s of the students Hence sports and games are the sources for promoting mental and physical growth. Obviously for this DOON conducts variety of sports events in order to promote the values of team spirit, self-confidence, discipline and accountability.

Smart board have been installed because this amazing technology not only enhances the way teachers teach, but also it enhances the way students learn. It can provide students with an enriched learning experience by projecting visual elements.

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