Director’s Message

All significant achievements of mankind are the culmination of a small beginning, keenly and carefully nurtured. All great edifices are raised on ideas that look so very ordinary in the beginning. DOON WORLD PUBLIC SCHOOL with its modest start is entering into the services of providing “QUALITY EDUCATION” Obviously for this, I have a team of RESOLUTE MINDS, who with their human intelligence, dedication, perseverance and fortitude shall aim to achieve the desired goals.

The school’s motto “We Labour, We Learn, We Lead for better education” encapsulates its aspirations and the enormity of effort required to imbue value in every facet of school Endeavours. The essence of Excellence has permeated to every structure of school architectural design, selection of staff, Students’ admissions and co-curricular. We work together for excellence and is an embodiment of VALUES.

Sandeep Jain

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